The young gunners send Arsenal into the top four

The Arsenal camp were looking to get into the top bracket of the top four but Watford are fighting their own battle of trying to get off from the bottom half of the table and that meant that both teams had to work for their results.

The gunners opened the scoring charts through Bokayoko Saka but Watfords Hern√°ndes levelled the score line by heating one of the spectacular goal we’ve never seen in a while.

Arsenal were relentless in their pursuit of taking the lead again through Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Martinelli and they got their lead but Watford got their second goal later into the game through Sissoko which was already late.

Arsenals young talent continue to deliver week in and week out inside the pitch and its paying dividends. With this results earlier today, now their inside the top four spot in the Premier league.

Watford 2-3 Arsenal.

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