Manchester United back to winning ways

The red devils met Brighton on Tuesday for the battle of 3 points that were on offer for the both sides, Brighton controlled and dominated the better half of the first half but United were saved by their goalkeeper who is in top form recently.

The game went to the break the score still nil nil and after the break the red devils started to show their sparkling form that they displayed on the early stages of the start of campaign. Brighton were nowhere to be found on the early stages of the second half.

Brighton didn’t help themselves either and got a red card on the 54th minute. Final score was Manchester United 2-0 Brighton.

Manchester United took a lead within 15 minutes through Cristiano Ronaldo who was on his worst goal drought since the 2009/2010 season but he announced his goal scoring fashion by scoring a beauty and Bruno Fernandez cemented their win on the 90th minute.

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