Liverpool FC thrash Leeds United to narrow the gab with 3 points with Manchester City

The reds came into the match knowing very well that if they could beat Leeds United, they will close the gab on log leaders Manchester City from 6 points to 3 points and they did exactly that on the night.

The home team drew first blood on Leeds United right from the penalty spot kick and Mohammad Salah kept his composure and converted the penalty. Jòal Matip brilliant run from the back paid dividends as he scored a wonderful goal assistant by Mo Salah.

Leeds United couldn’t find they’re way back to the game as Liverpool went to the break leading 3 goals and the match ended up having 6 goals courtesy to Two goals from Mo Salah, Two goals from Sadiò Manè, Matip and Van Dijk had one goal apiece.

The title race has been ignited more through this win from Liverpool FC and Man city are probably on their toes now. Can the Reds keep up with City at the top?, that we will find out ourselves.

Liverpool FC 6-0 Leeds United.

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