Liverpool FC came from behind to secure an impressive win in front of the home crowd

The reds welcomed Norwich City at home earlier today at Anfield. The saying it’s true when they say that there’s no small team in the Premier League, well the truth was not far from today’s game and Norwich city were going pound for pound with the home side.

The match went to half time the score still neil neil and the visiting team were slowing gaining confidence at the match progressed. When they came back from the break Norwich got an early lead but the reds technically team quickly made some changes after the hour mark.

The impact of the sub’s quickly had an effect on the reds game as Mané cancelled Norwich City lead and Salah gave them a lead within 2 minutes and it was the Liverpool FC January acquisition Luis Diaz that cemented the reds lead.

Luis Diaz scored his first goal in the Liverpool FC shirt and Mohammad Salah scored his 150 goal for the reds.

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