Manchester City top of Premier league after Chelsea lost to West Ham

Chelsea lost to West Ham today and ruined their chance of staying top in the Premier league table. Chelsea are currently in position 3 just behind Liverpool.

West Ham defeated Chelsea 3-2, it was an amazing encounter between the two sides. Thiago Silva scored first to give Chelsea a lead, but 12 minutes later West Ham won a penalty which one scored by Manuel Lanzini. Mason Mount got another goal for the blues just before half time and the match went to half break with Chelsea leading 2-1. West Ham came back strong and scored two goals to win the game. The goals were scored by Bowen and Masuaka.

The other encounter that took place this evening is Watford vs Manchester City. Manchester City won the game 3-1, with amazing performances from Bernardo Silva who managed to score two goals. It was Raheem Sterling who opened the scored early in the game to give Man City an early lead. Watford managed to score 1 goal which was beautifully striked by Cucho Hernandez.

Manchester City are top of the Premier league table with 35 points and 1 point above Liverpool.

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